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Our Impact

Our Impact

Kid-centered. School partner approved.

Working in close collaboration with schools, CFK fills the opportunity gap many schools in under-resourced communities face. With limited budgets and resources available, CFK works with school leaders to assess their unique needs and devise a plan of action.

Our goal is to set students on a path to success. CFK works with schools to support student’s academic learning and achievement through the development of critical social-emotional competencies and increased social awareness.

Social-emotional learning and academic achievement go hand in hand. Recent research also shows that personal agency is paramount in achieving one’s goals.

Kids need to know that their future is not predetermined - that they can and will control their destiny. Through the development of agency, kids can overcome the inequity they face.

In 2020, CFK piloted a Reflective Learning Framework based on emerging research on the importance of agency as a predictor of later academic and social successes.

Our updated program model focuses on the development of agency evidenced by the following indicators:

By exposing young people to inspiring people, places, and things they otherwise would not have access to, they are able to explore their personal interests, learn about themselves, and discover their options for the future. Knowledge truly is power.

We want all kids to experience a world with unlimited possibilities and feel empowered to pursue their dreams.

CFK Programs:

Three Girls

School Year 2019-20 Impact & Reach

Change for Kids partnered with 13 Title I schools in all five boroughs of NYC engaging approximately 5,000 Kindergarten through 5th grade students.

When NYC closed its schools’ doors due to COVID-19, CFK launched a full-service virtual platform, CFK l Digital, to ensure students had continued opportunity to learn, imagine, and connect. During the pandemic, CFK extended its reach with youth participating in live virtual programming in 12 states across 3 time zones and on-demand digital content viewed in all 50 states and Canada!

A closer look:

  • total hours of programming

  • volunteer hours - in person and virtual

  • days of in-person After School

  • sessions of TALNT classes

  • hours of digital impressions

  • students engaged in virtual career day

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