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Our Model

Our Model

For over 25 years, CFK has partnered with public elementary schools across all five boroughs of New York City to help kids achieve their dreams.

The goal is for all kids to have a fair chance at success - now and in the future. In the words of NYC students, success means “to set a goal and achieve it.”

Our theory of change is simple. In order to level the playing field, all kids need:

Theory of Change
Access to opportunity:
A fair chance to explore, experience, and dream.

to know they are in the driver’s seat of their future and have the skills to course-correct when roadblocks arise.


CFK provides year-round enrichment programming during school and vulnerable out-of-school times, like evenings and summer, in collaboration with our school partners.

All of our programs are centered around three core components:

1. Reflective Learning Framework
CFK’s customized, research-based curriculum helps kids learn about themselves and how to set goals and achieve them. This is interwoven into all of our activities and adaptable across different programs.

2. Consistent Adults
CFK staff and volunteers ensure kids have positive support systems outside of their immediate families that are ongoing, reliable, inspirational, and represent diverse life paths.

3. Continuity of Programming
CFK provides year over year wraparound engagement to deepen our impact.

CFK Program Model

CFK’s program model features a combination of enrichment programs; immersive experiences outside of the classroom; and diverse role models that represent and inspire different life paths and possibilities

  • A social-emotional framework that is based on emerging research on the construct of agency and how it promotes academic and social successes in young people.
  • Programs focus on character and leadership development, and helping kids discover new interests and talents - voice and choice.
  • Camp prevents summer slippage through continuous programming that prompts skill, character development and recreation.
  • An arts enrichment program taught by professional artists, such as Broadway performers, that helps kids develop mastery of a skill and social-emotional competence in the process.

In addition to CFK’s core programs, we also support our school partners through a wide variety of community engagement activities, including but not limited to: Guest Reader Sessions, Career Exploration Programs, Family Events, School Culture Building, School Beautification, Resource Drives, and more.

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