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CFK Program Model

CFK Program Model

CFK’s program model features a combination of enrichment programs; immersive experiences outside of the classroom; and diverse role models that represent and inspire different life paths and possibilities

  • A social-emotional framework that is based on emerging research on the construct of agency and how it promotes academic and social successes in young people.
  • Programs focus on character and leadership development, and helping kids discover new interests and talents - voice and choice.
  • Camp prevents summer slippage through continuous programming that prompts skill, character development and recreation.
  • An arts enrichment program taught by professional artists, such as Broadway performers, that helps kids develop mastery of a skill and social-emotional competence in the process.

In addition to CFK’s core programs, we also support our school partners through a wide variety of community engagement activities, including but not limited to: Guest Reader Sessions, Career Exploration Programs, Family Events, School Culture Building, School Beautification, Resource Drives, and more.

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