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Our Values

Our Values

Reflective Learning is at the foundation of our work. We believe that in order for young people to dream big and boldly they need access to opportunities that help them learn about themselves and the world around them.

As an organization, we practice what we preach. Self-reflection is part of our regular practice and our values are our north star in all that we do.

We are:

  • We act swiftly; we act with care.
  • We break ground and are limitless in our pursuit of better for all.
  • We lead with our hearts.
  • We laugh; we play; we are curious; we are hopeful.
  • We create new from old; great from good; something from nothing.
  • We dust ourselves off and try again; we bounce back.
  • We highlight and nurture the strength of our communities.

Commitment to Anti-Racism

Racism and discrimination have no place in our world, in our country, nor in our organization. It is on the sobering fact that inequities still exist in our society that our organization was founded and still continues its work. As such, Change for Kids believes, understands and supports that Black Lives Matter today and everyday. Until the world fully realizes this, we know our work is not done. We abhor the violence, discriminatory practices, unfair resources, unjust representation, and inequitable treatment of Black and Brown people everywhere.

Until Black and Brown children are able to feel safe in the eyes of those who enforce the law, our work is not done.

Until Black and Brown children are able to receive the resources necessary for their success, our work is not done.

Until Black and Brown children are given a fair, equitable shot at the tenets of our country’s credence - liberty and justice for all - our work is not done.

Until Black and Brown children are able to be children and not be adultified for their color, vilified for their communities or ostracized for their cultures, our work is not done.

Change for Kids has been and will continue to be dedicated to anti-racist work for the children and communities for whom and with whom we work. Change for Kids will continue to create opportunities for kids so that they can not only overcome inequity, but can ultimately dismantle inequity in our country and beyond.

We stand in solidarity with Black and Brown people everywhere.