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Youth Engagement Center

Youth Engagement Center

At Change for Kids, we know all kids deserve a fair chance at success. Right now, the odds are stacked against them.

Children are facing virtual learning challenges and parents are having to make the impossible choice between making a living and adequately supporting their children's learning needs.

No parent should have to choose between their child’s well-being and economic security.

That's why CFK opened the South Bronx Youth Engagement Center where 500 students have access to critical out-of-school care 10 hours per day, 5 days per week. Despite the pandemic, kids still need and deserve opportunities to learn, explore, and grow under the care and supervision of vested adults.


CFK is committed to ensuring that when young people are not in school, they will continue to thrive. At the YEC, students receive remote learning support, participate in diverse enrichment activities, and experience immersive instruction within the community. Our comprehensive approach not only meets basic needs, such as meals, technology, and adult supervision, but also provides programs that foster the skills, connections, and awareness necessary to overcome inequity.

The Need

Virtual instruction presents challenges such as Zoom fatigue, lack of adult supervision, and language barriers. Continuous virtual learning also stunts the development of critical early childhood skills such as endurance, fine and gross motor skills, and self-regulation. These can only be fostered in-person.

Bottom Line: Parents should not have to choose between the education of their child and economic security. CFK understands this; that’s why we created the YEC that not only fills this learning gap, but also provides children with critical enrichment opportunities.

Our Model

The CFK YEC operates a hybrid model, featuring key elements from traditional school, after school, and summer camp, to maximize impact and bridge the learning gap youth have faced during the pandemic.

Our Unique Approach
  1. Social-Emotional Learning and Enrichment: CFK’s reflective curriculum is research-based and targeted. Our curriculum was designed to empower students through limitless goal setting, problem solving skills, and self discovery. CFK has also strategically embedded enrichment activities that range from sports to drumming to STEM, and are all grounded in developing children’s team-building skills necessary to traverse their changing world.
  2. Academic Support: Students receive at least 3 hours of academic support: help navigating virtual learning, homework help, and subject-specific tutoring. Our school partnership model allows CFK to collaborate with schools to not only support, but also to maximize and enhance learning needs.
  3. ‘City Immersion’ extends student’s learning beyond their classrooms. CFK understands the power of immersing students into their surrounding communities to develop awareness and civic engagement at an early age.

Give kids what they deserve - a fair chance at success - today and tomorrow.

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